"Happiness doesn’t result from what we get,
but from what we give!"

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About Us

As the word ‘Raahat’ describes, The Raahat Foundation is an emotion that aims to give peace in different ways to people who deserve it but cannot afford it. The Raahat Foundation's work encompasses a significant uplifting of the needy. The Raahat Foundation aims to discover, nurture, and promote goodwill and quality of life among the underprivileged. From monthly educational workshops, supporting HIV afflicted, old age homes, and ageing sex workers to helping marginalized women, The Raahat Foundation has worked towards helping them become self-reliant and confident.

Promoting Arts

The Raahat Foundation always strives and works towards the betterment and upliftment of the society even in the aspects of art and culture. Skill development centers in Kondhwa, Malewadi, and Kashewadi have been set up, where women are trained to make attar, kajal, candles, face washes, and gels. They are taught how to make soap and other items.

Spreading Literacy

The Raahat Foundation believes that social change can be achieved by empowering our surroundings. We believe that spreading awareness, education, and empowering the underprivileged will give them a better way of life and will encompass a better future for them. The Raahat Foundation encourages literacy in rural areas by creating small Rural Libraries. This program has a significant impact on children in remote places. The first was established in Nasik.

Promoting Sports

We at The Raahat Foundation believe in the transformative power of sports. From hosting marathons for promoting fitness to conducting Pilates classes that improve strength and flexibility, we aim to spread overall awareness about sports.

We also host yoga, meditation and drumming sessions that help in improving mindfulness and mental well-being.

Providing Medical Aid

We at The Raahat Foundation are dedicated to improving healthcare and well-being. Through our efforts, we donated a Sonography and an X-Ray machine to a leading polyclinic in South Pune providing these services either free or at subsidised rates to all.

Additionally, we support numerous individuals in need of medical aid, ensuring they receive the care they require. Our goal is to bridge the gap in healthcare resources and promote equitable access to quality medical assistance.

Our Projects


Donated fruits to migrant workers during COVID


Donating books to children in Krishna Nagar

Donating raincoats to ragpickers in Pune

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