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"Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give!"
Inspired by this and with a belief in social transformation by empowering the most vulnerable members of communities: women, youth, and children, Raahat Foundation was founded on June 7, 2017, to offer and extend significant assistance to society.

As the word ‘Raahat’ describes, The Raahat Foundation is an emotion that aims to give peace in different ways to people who deserve it but cannot afford it. The Raahat Foundation’s work encompasses a significant uplifting of the needy. The Raahat Foundation aims to discover, nurture, and promote goodwill and quality of life among the underprivileged.
From monthly educational workshops, supporting HIV-afflicted, old age homes, transgenders, and aging sex workers to helping marginalized women, The Raahat Foundation has worked towards helping them become self-reliant and confident.

Frequent donation drives are also conducted by The Raahat Foundation to distribute supplies to the community’s needy, such as clothing, blankets, food, stationery, books, and so on. During the Covid-19 pandemic, The Raahat Foundation set up a Quarantine center for migrant workers who lost their source of income due to the pandemic. The Raahat Foundation also set up a helpline for women who suffered from domestic violence during the lockdown and made sure they got all the help they needed.

The Raahat Foundation also funds several children’s educations who lost their parents during the pandemic and also provides care for the elderly and abandoned in nursing homes. We at The Raahat Foundation have teamed with medical specialists in Pune and plan to deliver paramedical training to help poor women find work caring for the sick and elderly, allowing them to make a good living and improve their lives.

The Raahat Foundation also has a welcoming heart to transgender individuals and aging sex workers. The Raahat Foundation was aggressively committed to assisting transgenders in obtaining employment and began helping a few transgender kids’ educations in that academic year. What we did in Covid19’s second wave was establishing a Quarantine Center for the poor and needy in Pune. Around twenty-seven Covid patients were helped and returned home pleased and smiling as they were served with shelter, 2 meals, and other necessities.

The Raahat Foundation’s recent and most important project – The RED RIBBON PROJECT focuses on the needs and well-being of HIV-positive women, which is extremely important to them. These HIV-positive women have learned many skills and are now self-sufficient and independent employees. Premium fragranced perfumes have also been one of the most loved products that we have taught to make from scratch along with crocheted products made by women including dining table covers, table runners, placement mats, cutlery covers, bed runners and covers, vanity cases, cloth bags, quilted bed covers, patchwork, coffee table runners and so much more!
Intricate fabric and artistic jewelry are also curated by these women who have skillfully learned to design handmade neckpieces, earrings, and much more, with love! All of these are made from recycled fabrics to help the environment. It also helps in reducing the disposal cost and protects our planet.

The Raahat Foundation aims to spread a wave of happiness, empowerment, and growth in the community!

Hard Work
Pure Love
Smart Ideas
Good Decisions

Our vision at The Raahat Foundation is to make this world a better place, by fostering meaningful and sustainable social change through the empowerment and upliftment of the most vulnerable members of underprivileged communities - the women, youth, and children.

Our mission is a powerful call to action, an unwavering resolve to uplift humanity and create a brighter, more equitable world.

We aspire to establish a prominent national and global presence, commanding recognition and respect.

Help us so that we can help others

Mrs. Amina Tambuwala
• Mrs. Amina Tambuwala has worked for decades to help the poor, underprivileged, and impoverished in society, regardless of caste, creed, or religion.
• She has been home tutoring blind kids from the Pune Blind School for numerous years. She also assisted innumerable people in obtaining productive employment. She is still there for her former students.
• Mrs. Tambuwala, a talented singer and performer, has also assisted many people in finding life companions. In her time, she has identified numerous prospective and eligible brides and grooms.
• She has now retired and instilled similar ideals in her children, who continue on their parents' heritage through humanitarian work at The Raahat Foundation.
Azhar Tambuwala
With an agro-industry perspective in line with the rest of the globe, Azhar considers himself merely a means to an end, working for the development of farmers and the county's farming business.
Aiman Mehta
• Aiman Mehta, a trustee for The Raahat Foundation, and the director of Raah- A Literacy & Cultural Center in Pune. Aiman has been interested in art and culture since she was a child, which led her to Raah and contributed to the development and establishment of Raah. She oversees all Raah activities, as well as company expansion, curating, and planning. Raah was established under the aegis of The Raahat Foundation.
• After a successful real estate and journalism career, Aiman decided it was time to give back to society and work to make it a better place. She left her lucrative corporate career five years ago and has since dedicated herself to assisting the poor and marginalized in society.
• Aiman has extensive experience in management, business growth, media relations, corporate communications, and other areas. She enjoys writing a great deal. Painting and reading are also hobbies she enjoys. She oversees Raah's strategic vision and is a great role model for Raah's growth.
• Aiman believes in and defends the saying, "A life without reason is a life without effect."
• She has always been interested in helping society improve, as seen by her numerous experiences trying to rehabilitate street children, and orphans, and teach the blind throughout her student years.
Dr. Aruna Tambuwala
Dr. Aruna Tambuwala has over 30 years of clinical expertise as a maxillofacial surgeon. She is also a housewife and a former professor at a dentistry college. In addition to juggling her time between home and work, she volunteers at charitable hospitals to assist poor people who require dentofacial surgery.

"Life without a cause is a Life without effect"

Dalai Lama
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