Our Impact

Raah - A Literacy & Cultural Centre

– Several Hours in community service till date.

– Our creation of a community center such as the Raah-Literacy & Cultural Center gives Pune’s many intelligent inhabitants a forum to hone their skills.

– Raah catalyzes community progress by providing a space for people to express themselves.

– Aiming to strengthen, capacitate, and impact the community and neighborhood by merging creative and intellectual expression. All this has been made possible through participating in activities open to all and cultural, educational, charitable, and academic growth.

– Raah was formed to provide people of all ages with a dedicated, multi-purpose space for art and enjoyment where they can express their creative, intellectual, recreational, cultural, and charity initiatives.

– We believe that creativity cultivates a necessary intrinsic and artistic talent in people and provides the youth with a source of work and self-reliance.

– As part of our responsibility to community development, Raah wishes to use the creative forum to discover, foster and promote these skills and urge people to take the initiative and participate in all Raah events while making substantial contributions.

The Raahat’s Red Ribbon Project

People living with HIV and AIDS have historically struggled to find acceptance in society. Red Ribbon aims to uplift and rehabilitate HIV+ women and children who reside in underprivileged areas by providing them with medical expenses, monthly ration kits, and monthly remuneration.

The Red Ribbon Project made HIV+ women happier, more independent, and confident. They learned skills that have assisted them in bettering themselves and their families, contribute financially and achieve financial freedom, among other things. About 30 people have benefitted from The Raahat Foundation’s - Red Ribbon Project and the numbers are growing.

The Raahat Foundation attempted and succeeded in dispelling the myths around HIV & AIDS and created an inclusive, safe & supportive environment for the afflicted.
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